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Bamboo pen set

In stock, 11374 units
Bamboo pen set in gift box. Bamboo blue-writing stylus pen and mechanical pencil with 3pcs 0.7 mm leads.…

Deluxe pen set

In stock, 3766 units
Simple but elegant. Thanks to the matte finish, this deluxe pen set has a luxurious feel and very pleasing to the touch. The set consists…

Executive pen set

In stock, 11659 units
Authentic pen set bearing all the hallmarks of classic quality. High quality heavy brass metal rollerball with stylus and ball point pen with Swiss Peak…

Heritage pen set

In stock, 2182 units
The Swiss Peak Heritage collection speaks the language of modern elegance. Luxury brass metal ballpen and rollerball set packed in Swiss Peak giftbox. Both metal…

Luzern pen set

In stock, 13437 units
This pen set with ballpen and pencil is known by its quality and elegance. Comes with 1200m writing refill with German ink and pencil with…

Recycled leather pen set

Out of stock
This beautiful pen set is made with recycled leather. The set has а sleek gunmetal colour design, is stylish and ideal for writing down your…

Swiss Peak deluxe pen set

In stock, 6147 units
Stylus ballpoint pen and stylus rollerball gift set. Exclusive design with beautiful lined barrel pattern and a dedicated place for printing your decoration. Incl. Swiss…

Swiss Peak deluxe pen set in PU pouch

Out of stock
This Swiss Peak deluxe pen set includes one ballpoint and one rollerball to deliver the total writing experience. Both of the items featured in this…

X6 pen set

In stock, 1079 units
This X6 pen set features an unique metallic finish with stunning metal clip design. This set features the X6 pen next to his new brother…