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Bamboo hub with Type-C

In stock, 342 units
Bamboo USB 2.0hub with 2 USB A ports and one type C port to extend the USB ports on your computer. With integrated PVC free…

Pen holder USB charger

In stock, 3958 units
Keep your desk clean and your devices charged with this modern desk charger. Comes with 4 USB(4.8A) ports and one type C 2.0 port to…

Philips ultra fast PD travel charger

In stock, 580 units
Philips ultra fast 30W PD travel charger. With convenient travel pouch.Comes with 4 plugs; integrated US plug and changeable AU, UK and EU plugs. Input:…

Philips ultra fast PD wall charger

In stock, 3102 units
Philips super fast 30W wall adapter with power delivery. The charger comes with one USB 2A output port and one type C output that support…

RCS recycled plastic USB hub with dual input

In stock, 2663 units
USB hub with casing made from 100% RCS standard recycled ABS plastic. RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) is a standard to verify the recycled content of…