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Electric wine opener – battery operated

In stock, 1780 units
This battery operated electric corkscrew uncorks a bottle of wine with the push of a button. Including 4 AA batteries. Packed in a giftbox.…

Electric wine opener – USB rechargeable

In stock, 2181 units
Modern electric corkscrew with innovative 3.6V lithium battery. With built-in blue light. Opens your wine bottle with ease in 8 seconds. Including micro USB cable…

Eon 2 step corkscrew

In stock, 1782 units
Eon is the tool for every barman. It’s a stylish, compact and easy to use 2 step opener. The integrated foil cutters help you remove…

Executive pull it corkscrew

In stock, 152 units
Corkscrew with lever mechanism made of aluminium, hardened steel and teflon coated spiral, including foil cutter and plaque with a review of the best wine…

Re-usable stainless steel ice cubes 4pc

In stock, 5361 units
Enjoy your chilled drink with this set of 4 stainless steel ice cubes. The cubes help preserve the taste of your favourite drink with no…

Vino Connoisseur 4pc set

In stock, 5254 units
Have everything you need to open, serve and store your favourite wines with this 4 pcs wine set. The set consists of an air pump…

Vino Deluxe metal air pressure pump opener

In stock, 1327 units
This air pump wine opener is a simple, easy and fast way to open up a bottle of wine without the hassle of pulling and…

Vino Sommelier set 3pc

In stock, 8234 units
Have everything you need to open and serve your favourite wines with this 3 pcs wine set. The set consists of a waiter's corkscrew, foil…

Vino Waiters corkscrew

In stock, 12112 units
This waiters corkscrew is a classic corkscrew design that has a foil cutter blade, a two stage cork lifter and bottle opener. Packed in gift…

Vino Wine chiller stick

In stock, 1795 units
This wine chiller stick keeps your pre-cooled wine at optimum drinking temperature. You and your guests will enjoy wine at the ideal temperature, never drink…

Wine cooler sleeve

In stock, 5057 units
Fashionable wine cooler sleeve to chill your wine and keep it at the right temperature.…