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3 pcs brain teaser set

In stock, 15590 units
White sprayed pine wooden box with 3 different brain puzzles. Packed in black box with separate blue lid and matching blue felt inside and bottom.…

5 in 1 game set

In stock, 14248 units
5 in 1 game set including: mikado, playing cards, domino, chess and backgammon. White pine wood box 17x17x3,7cm with black print chess board at one…

Connect four wooden game

In stock, 7825 units
Enjoy a fun game night together with your friends! This strategy game is both fun and a good mental exercise. The aim is to get…

Deluxe 3-in-1 board game in wooden box

In stock, 8756 units
Why get one game when you can play three! This 3 in 1 set of classic board games includes chess, checkers and backgammon. Offering endless…

Deluxe mikado/domino in wooden box

In stock, 8879 units
Set of two vintage games collected in an MDF box. The box contains Mikado and Domino. Create fun moments with these classic games. The Mikado…

Deluxe Tic-Tac-Toe game

In stock, 3287 units
Bring this 9 piece tic tac toe game with you wherever you go for some classic entertainment! You can easily put the game away in…

Deluxe tumbling tower wood block stacking game

In stock, 10171 units
How high can you go? See how high you can stack the wooden blocks before they tumble with this fun tumbling tower game. The 48…

FSC® wooden Sudoku game

In stock, 4210 units
This FSC® certified wooden Sudoku game you will play for hours! The entire game is made from wood including the pegs and comes with a…

Indoor hover ball

In stock, 4524 units
Air power soccer with colourful LED. Foam bumper protection keeps it from damaging walls and furniture. Great for any indoor or outdoor smooth surface like…

Luxury wooden foldable chess set

In stock, 2200 units
Play this great all-time classic game of skill and strategy that has charmed millions all around the world for centuries. The luxury wooden chess set…

Wooden brain game in canvas pouch

In stock, 7580 units
Challenge yourself with this wooden brain game! This beautiful and intriguing puzzle is made of interlocking wooden pieces that form a cube. Releasing the cube…