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3 pcs brain teaser set

In stock, 15590 units
White sprayed pine wooden box with 3 different brain puzzles. Packed in black box with separate blue lid and matching blue felt inside and bottom.…

3pcs recycle waste bags

In stock, 7474 units
3 bags to separate metal, paper and plastic. PP woven material.…

5 in 1 game set

In stock, 14248 units
5 in 1 game set including: mikado, playing cards, domino, chess and backgammon. White pine wood box 17x17x3,7cm with black print chess board at one…

Bamboo weather station

In stock, 1294 units
Bamboo weather station with 3 functions: time/date, indoor humidity and temperature. Including 2 AAA batteries for direct use. Bamboo and ABS material.…

Chef tablet stand with touchpen

In stock, 1111 units
Chef is the tablet stand for all modern and creative chefs. The sturdy touch pen makes it easy to use your tablet under steamy kitchen…

Connect four wooden game

In stock, 7825 units
Enjoy a fun game night together with your friends! This strategy game is both fun and a good mental exercise. The aim is to get…

Cutting board with 4pcs hygienic boards

In stock, 3647 units
Trendy hygienic cutting board set. Dark bamboo cutting board 35x25cm, also functions as storage case for 4 hygienic PP dishwasher safe cutting boards. Colour and…

Deluxe 3-in-1 board game in wooden box

In stock, 8756 units
Why get one game when you can play three! This 3 in 1 set of classic board games includes chess, checkers and backgammon. Offering endless…

Deluxe canvas chef apron

In stock, 6201 units
Be a top chef in this beautiful apron made in a heavy quality 16oz. canvas with PU accent details. With a one-size design, it…

Deluxe canvas oven mitt

In stock, 12288 units
A handy companion in the kitchen, this quilted oven glove shields hands from hot objects. The separate thumb ensures a good grip, attached with decorative…

Deluxe denim apron

In stock, 3639 units
High quality 330 g/m2 denim apron. 100% cotton. Unisex style.…

Deluxe mikado/domino in wooden box

In stock, 8879 units
Set of two vintage games collected in an MDF box. The box contains Mikado and Domino. Create fun moments with these classic games. The Mikado…

Deluxe Tic-Tac-Toe game

In stock, 3287 units
Bring this 9 piece tic tac toe game with you wherever you go for some classic entertainment! You can easily put the game away in…

Deluxe tumbling tower wood block stacking game

In stock, 10171 units
How high can you go? See how high you can stack the wooden blocks before they tumble with this fun tumbling tower game. The 48…

Electric pepper and salt mill set

In stock, 3381 units
ABS with rubber spray finish, adjustable ceramic mill, with light function. Packed in magnetic gift box.…

Electric wine opener – battery operated

In stock, 1780 units
This battery operated electric corkscrew uncorks a bottle of wine with the push of a button. Including 4 AA batteries. Packed in a giftbox.…

Electric wine opener – USB rechargeable

In stock, 2181 units
Modern electric corkscrew with innovative 3.6V lithium battery. With built-in blue light. Opens your wine bottle with ease in 8 seconds. Including micro USB cable…

Eon 2 step corkscrew

In stock, 1782 units
Eon is the tool for every barman. It’s a stylish, compact and easy to use 2 step opener. The integrated foil cutters help you remove…

Executive pull it corkscrew

In stock, 152 units
Corkscrew with lever mechanism made of aluminium, hardened steel and teflon coated spiral, including foil cutter and plaque with a review of the best wine…

Fleece blanket in pouch

In stock, 5662 units
Cuddle up to this cozy soft blanket. Easy to bring anywhere with you thanks to the handy drawstring pouch that is included. The blanket is…

FSC® wooden Sudoku game

In stock, 4210 units
This FSC® certified wooden Sudoku game you will play for hours! The entire game is made from wood including the pegs and comes with a…

Glass lunchbox with bamboo lid

In stock, 6855 units
Enjoy the safety of storing and heating your delicious home cooked meals in this glass bento box. With an airtight bamboo lid you can prepare…

GRS RPP lunch box with spork

In stock, 7019 units
This stylish and sturdy lunchbox fits perfectly with a healthy lifestyle! It is big enough for carrying sandwiches and delicious salads, but also for heating…

Grundig Bamboo Digital Body Scale

In stock, 1006 units
High reliability thanks to 4 high-precision and specially developed Grundig Hi8 weight sensors. Anti-shake and anti-weight shift technology.Weight shifts are detected by people at 50…