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Flop Christmas eraser set

1.23 inc. Vat
In stock, 3996 units
4 pc eraser set with Christmas figures, in PVC pouch.…

Göte cartoon pen, Snowman

1.26 inc. Vat
In stock, 9920 units
Wooden, cartoon ballpoint pen with Christmas figure on the top. With blue refill.…

Kannykka mobile holder, Christmas tree

3.46 inc. Vat
In stock, 40 units
Desk mobile phone holder in bamboo plywood with die-cut Christmas motive. Delivered flat-packed.…

Lappmark Creative bookmark, star

1.31 inc. Vat
Available on backorder
Custom made paper gift card including a stainless steel clip bookmark with Christmas design and silver ribbon. Price includes digital printing on both sides of…

Limber USB flash drive

In stock, 2614 units
Wooden, Christmas tree shaped USB flash drive with 8 GB memory.…

Lirex pencil

0.50 inc. Vat
Available on backorder
Wooden pencil with Christmas figure, unsharpened.…

Lopsmarka bamboo ruler, Christmas tree

0.74 inc. Vat
In stock, 61 units
12 cm bamboo plywood ruler with sink cut Christmas motive.…

Miffet christmas pencil

0.46 inc. Vat
In stock, 6 units
Wooden pencil with Christmas figure eraser. HB grade.…

Miltok ballpoint pen

0.77 inc. Vat
In stock, 73 units
Polyester covered ballpoint pen with Christmas emoticon on the top. With blue refill.…

Namsos Christmas pencil, Christmas tree

0.45 inc. Vat
In stock, 2989 units
Wooden lead pencil with Christmas figure eraser, sharpened. HB grade.…

Tidil ballpoint pen, Santa

1.25 inc. Vat
In stock, 3289 units
Plastic ballpoint pen with polyester Christmas figure on the top. With blue refill.…

Vaides notebook

1.55 inc. Vat
In stock, 7791 units
Cardboard covered notebook with 85 sheets and sink cut Christmas tree on the cover.…

Xommark Christmas bookmark, Christmas tree

1.46 inc. Vat
In stock, 1870 units
Bamboo plywood bookmark with die-cut Christmas motive and PU leather cord.…

Yule ballpoint pen

0.16 inc. Vat
Available on backorder
Plastic ballpoint pen with snowflake pattern. With blue refill.…

Zarki pen keyring

0.44 inc. Vat
Available on backorder
Pen with Christmas design and metal keyring.…