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ANC wireless headphone

In stock, 2549 units
Enjoy a perfect music experience with this active noise cancelling wireless headphone. The foldable headphone will eliminate all the surrounding environment noises to make the…

Aria Wireless Comfort Headphones

In stock, 2516 units
Clear acoustics meets Nordic design with the Aria wireless comfort headphones. The headphones are crafted out of luxurious materials; aluminium and PU. The headphones use…

Bamboo wireless headphone

In stock, 5553 units
ECO bamboo wireless headphone made out of carefully sourced sustainable materials. The earpads are made out of bamboo and the headband is made out of…

Dakota Bamboo wireless headphone

In stock, 5395 units
Deluxe over-ear headphone for optimal sound experience. Foldable design with bamboo details. With long lasting play time of up to 22 hours. Comfortable fit…

Elite Foldable wireless headphone

In stock, 4957 units
Comfortable and durable wireless headphone that uses BT5.0 for super smooth connection and long lasting play time. Foldable design made from lightweight ABS with soft…

Foldable wireless headphone

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In stock, 224 units
Comfortable wireless headphone made out of ABS with rubber finish, packed in EVA pouch. The ability to fold the headphone makes it easy to carry…

Fusion wireless headphone

In stock, 2727 units
The wireless headphone is made out of ABS with an extendable headband to fit all sizes. With comfortable PU ear pads. The 200 mAh battery…

JAM wireless headphone

In stock, 4265 units
Modern design wireless headphone that uses BT 5.0 for super smooth connection and long lasting play time. Made from lightweight ABS with soft and comfortable…

Light up logo wireless headphones

In stock, 2462 units
Wireless headphones that can be customised with your logo on the ABS surface. The logo will light up when using the item, creating maximum exposure…

Motorola JR 300 kids wireless safety headphone

In stock, 656 units
Breakaway from tangled cords with JR300 play friendly wireless earphone. Its durable design and fun colours are equipped with BT wireless technology with 15-hour playtime…

Motorola MOTO XT220 wireless over ear headphone

In stock, 834 units
The best travel over-the-ear headphones with the finest features. MOTO XT220 is designed to produce superb sound quality, and runs on BT 5.0 for lesser…

Motorola MOTO XT500 wireless over ear headphone

In stock, 84 units
Motorola XT500 offers studio quality performance and wireless freedom. These over-ear headphones are equipped with BT 4.1 technology, allowing you to listen to music or…

Over ear wired work headset

In stock, 5207 units
PC USB stereo headset with in-line soundcard and volume/mute control delivers superlative stereo sound while its microphone ensures clear conversation during calls. This lightweight ABS…

RCS standard recycled plastic headphone

Out of stock
Foldable wireless headphone where the case is made out of RCS certified recycled ABS plastic. RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) is a standard to verify the…

RGB gaming headset

In stock, 842 units
Become a gaming hero with this high quality RGB gaming headset. The headphone is adjustable and due to the over ear design, super comfortable…

Swiss Peak ANC headphone

In stock, 1702 units
Take the next step in experiencing music with this lightweight active noise cancelling headphone. The headphone will eliminate all the surrounding environment sounds to make…

Swiss Peak Pro wireless headphone

In stock, 2 units
High quality over ear headphone with a deep bass and comfortable ear pads. The headphone comes with energy efficient BT 5.3 module delivering play time…

Swiss Peak wireless headphone V3

In stock, 2426 units
Wireless stereo headphone with high quality audio for a perfect sound experience. The 300 mAh battery allows you to listen to your music for up…

Urban Vitamin Belmont wireless headphone

In stock, 2642 units
The bass, you don't just hear it, you feel it. Press the bass button on the side of the headphone to get an extra boost.…

Urban Vitamin Freemond wireless ANC headphone

In stock, 2871 units
An incredible noise free listening experience as soon as the first sound hits your ear. The supreme ANC technology allows you to block out all…

Urban Vitamin Fresno wireless headphone

In stock, 2686 units
You feel it immediately you put them on, this is the perfect headphone to get carried away by your favourite music. The soft cushions fit…

Vogue Headphone

In stock, 2169 units
The Vogue headphone is a trendy fabric over ear headphone. With trendy fabric on the outside and comfortable PU on the ear cushions and headband…